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by Ebru Türün
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Customer portfolio of Codela includes companies in various sizes from startups to huge enterprises such as Logo. In collaboration with Codela, Logo assessed the technical skills of 374 software developers simultaneously in 45 minutes.

Logo chose Codela

How long would it take you to assess the technical skills of 374 internship candidates in 36 cities? It took Logo 45 minutes with Codela!

Chief Software Engineer of Logo, Ozgur Demirel, shared his Codela experience as the following:

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Codela. They supported us in each step before and after the assessment without any inconviences. Based on the Codela assessment results, we completed technical screening process confidently in a very short time”

Logo takes great care of all its employees at each level including interns as well within this human capital strategy. For internship programs, candidates are selected amongst high potential students as interns are considered for full-time positions. This approach inevitably increases the importance of internship period. Every year Logo launches its popular internship program in March and April and receives over 500 applications in average. This technical screening process demands significant effort and time of both human resources and technical teams.

The success of Logo, which embraces human capital as one of its fundamental principles, lies behind its quality and educated human power. The company manages operations at very large scale both domestically and abroad. In Turkey, the company has 590 employees with a strong focus on software development team comprising 42% of the overall team. Selecting these developers has a crucial impact on the success factors keeping Logo amongst leading software companies.

Developing application software for personal computers since 1984, Logo is one of the largest software companies in Turkey and still succeeds in recording high growth thanks to its innovative strategies. Today more than 800 dealers and 85,000 companies are actively using Logo products. Logo’s products are customized in several languages, business practices and regulations for numerous countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia to meet the user needs. Defining itself as a “productivity company”, Logo has adopted the principle of structuring its businesses in accordance with contemporary management principles and production solutions to increase efficiency and profitability.